Angelo graduated from Cleveland State University as an Electronic Engineer. He worked forty-two years on electronic systems for military and advanced commercial aircraft. He also taught electronics at the Akron University Night School.

He retired in 1993 as the Manager of the Electronic Research and Development Department. He has several patents in Aircraft Electronics. After retiring he decided to use his experience and knowledge to write fictional novels.


A Different Time, A Different Earth

A Different Time, a Different Earth is a novel about the romance of a young couple set in a science fiction background. The background was developed around two fictitious societies that inhabited two continents that supposedly existed on the earth before the great flood. These societies developed fantastically advanced technology. A war between them caused the complete destruction of their societies as well as the two continents.

Novel Romances

The Author, Angelo Crapanzano was ninety years old when he wrote this novel. In his years he has heard of many interesting and unusual love stories. This book details five of these love stories. Two of these stories were provided by a relative in California. They were about the final romances of two actresses who did not make it to stardom. The other three stories are unusual and unexpected romances. One of these stories is the true story of how the author met the love of his live. Of course the names have been changed. May the reader enjoy the fun of trying to determine which of these stories is the author’s true love story.

The Hand of God

The author Angelo Crapanzano, being a devout Christian, decided to write this short text to answer the questions he was often asked about the lord. The believers wanted explanations and the unbelievers question his believe. This book discusses what he felt were the most important questions. First he discusses the evidence of the existence of God. There is so much evidence of God but most people take them for granted.

Road to Romance

John had been dumped by all the girls he had ever gone steady with. After graduation his two best friends got married and moved to other states. He felt lonely and unlovable. Then he meet Lorrie, It was love at first sight for both of them. What John felt for her he had never felt before. John’s parents lover her like one of their own child. After a few romantic months John proposed. She said yes with loving tears. Since she was from Springfield Ohio, after graduation she went home to Springfield A few weeks after she left with the promise that she would contact him, he stopped hearing from her.

Notorious Casolini

Inspired by real events, the novel Notorious Casolini tells the story of the life and adventures of Peppino Casolini. Peppino lived in the city of Barrafranca, Sicily, in the early 1900’s. A gentle person of high moral values dedicated to his family, he wanted nothing more than the simple life of a farmer, with those he loved nearby. But fate had other plans for Peppino.

Terror in Black and White

Terror in Black and White is writer Angelo Thomas Crapanzano’s thrilling novel about what happens to an ordinary man when thrown into chaotic circumstances. Andrew Anderson, an electronics engineer is driving home from a business meeting one day when he witnesses an accident. He watches with disbelief as a truck forces another car off the road and it plunges over a cliff. A young African American leaps from the car and holds on to the cliff’s embankment. Andrew manages to pull her to safety.

Fiction or Prophecy

The idea for Fiction or Prophecy was born through a casual discussion with a neighbor in the author’s family room. The discussion was based on the news that one of the terrorists claimed that they were secretly developing a backpack nuclear bomb and planned on bombing ten of our largest city. Our officials wrote it off as an idle threat, and that they could never get ten nuclear backpacks into the country. The neighbor questioned how they could say that, when a million Mexicans cross our borders daily, with backpacks of drugs, weapons, and personal items.

Love is where you find it.

John was depressed after his wife had died and decided to take a trip to Los Angeles to visit his daughter. John didn’t plan to fall in love again, but on the plane John met Lora. When their plane ran into a severe storm, a lightning strike caused the plane to crash near a lake. Through their chance seating arrangements in the tail of the plane, John and Lora were the only survivors. Love Is Where You Find It details the story of the pair’s survival in the woods followed by the struggle John endures while he tries to come to terms with the loss of his wife and finding new

Back to Ground Zero

Back TO GROUND Zero is a science fiction novel about the life and adventures of Antonio Corelli. After a devastating auto accident he was left in a state of depression. The accident, which took the life of his beloved wife of 50 years, destroyed his present world like an atomic bomb. He referred to the place of the accident as Ground Zero.

Long Ago and Far Away

The writing of the novel, Long ago and far Away, was encouraged by a Philippine friend who suggested that the author write a novel about the romance and time he spent in the Philippines. The story from the time the main character is drafted to the time he was discharged is based on the author’s actual experience and Romance in the Philippines during his Army service during World War 11. The little details are fictional basically because the experience was about seventy years ago and the author doesn’t remember the details.

Late Great Romance

Late Great Romance is a fictional novel about the life and romances of Leonardo Corello, known as just Leo. As a young man, Leo decided that he wanted to be an Electronic Engineer. The Leo stated to date a girl that lived next door named Tina. They dated as friends. After graduating Leo got accepted as a student at Cleveland State University. The first year of college Leo continued to date Tina. After the first year, Leo, being a part of Co-op program, was sent to Sandusky to work. there he met Irene.

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