Common Sense

As American history unfolds, it reminds me of the history of Israel. When Israel was first created, the people of Israel believed and worshipped God. They walked in his laws and statutes. They obeyed his commandments. The Bible tells us that with God’s help they defeated all their enemies who had overwhelming odds against them. With God’s help, King David and King Solomon brought Israel to becoming the greatest country of their time. However, a few generations later Israel turned their back on God and started to worship other gods, idols, and their own wealth and possessions which they believed they earned by their personal greatness. God turned His back on them and they were defeated by Babylon.

America was also created in a similar way. I truly believe that God brought our forefathers here.Theconstitution is a fantastic document. It is hard to believe that mere man was intelligent to write that document without spiritual help.It is perfect in all its aspects. The writers were men who worshipped God. Every other sentence of the constitution has some kind of reference to God. Our national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and all our money,paper and coins have the words “In God We Trust.”It is evidence that they were strong believers of God. It believe that when they wrote about the freedom of religion that they meant to worship God in any way you want.Not to worship Idols, false gods, money and positions. It also says freedom of religion not freedom from religion. Americans have also distorted the meaning of freedom of speech. Back in the counties they came from you could not complain of any action the government took. that could lead to punishment. However if you revolted against the form of government you were called a rebel and a traitor and hanged. I,m sure that is what our forefathers had in mind. We have the freedom to complain of any action our representatives or our government make that we disagree with. I do not believe that they meant that we could revolt against the form of government we have, like burning our flag or jointing a group that want to change the form of government. we have.that is treason and they are traitors. The democracy we have is the greatest form of government that was ever achieved. We were the strongest country in the world. We didn’t lose any war until we turned our back to God. During the first two world wars not a single foot of our country was damaged. We Started to lose in Korea. Now we are being attached by an enemy who is set on killing all Americas and we don’t know of a way to retaliate. Will God give America a second chance as he did to Israel? Or will God let the enemy who is currently filtering into our country destroy us?

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