My Sixth Novel

Love is where you find it.

John was depressed after his wife died. He found that helping in the local soup kitchen helped him cope, especially after helping two children who were homeless. A year later he decided to visit his daughter in LA.  John didn’t plan to fall in love again, but on the plane to Chicago John met Lora. In order to sit together on the connecting flight to LA, they ended up in the last seat in the tail. The plane ran into a severe storm where a lightning strike caused the plane to crash near a lake.  The tail broke off going through the woods but the rest of the plane slid into the lake and disappeared. John and Lora were the only survivors.  How did they survive in the woods for several months? John was mauled by a bear and was near death when they were rescued and taken to a Denver Hospital. One morning when Lora went to visit John, a beautiful woman walked in before her. Just outside the door she heard John call her Catherine, and saw them hugging and heard them profess their love for each other. Brokenhearted, Lora ran out of the hospital, and got a plane to LA. Later she decided to return and fight for him. Does she find him? Who is Catherine? Does John choose Catherine over Lora? Check my web site for more information.

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