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My father always advised me to never discuss religion or politics. However a certain situation challenged me to ignore his advice and answer the question that a friend asked me.

“Angelo,” he said. “You are a very intelligent man, a collage graduate, how can you believe in a God you can’t see or touch?”  What ruffled me was that he was the third person who asked basically the same question.

“Nick,” I responded. “I’m sure that you have a brain although I have never seen it nor can I ever touch it. I believe you have a brain because there is undeniable evidence that you have one.  That is the same with God. There is undeniable evidence that He exists.”  The problem is that most people are not aware of this evidence. People accept everything as, “that is the way it is.” My own children believe that things like the I-phone and computers were always there. I mentioned to my grandson that we didn’t have computers when I was his age. His response was to ask me how then was I able to connect with the internet. When they were born, everything they saw they accepted as always been there. Let me give you an example of an evidence of the existence of God.

Man has created fabulous devices. The phone that can get you any information on anything you want to know is a prime example. All this is due to the fabulous use of software. Software is used in nearly every new device man has come up with in one way or another. Software is a fantastic invention of man, or is it? Was it there before man?  Was it there in the beginning? Let me take the seed of a fig. It is considered the smallest seed. It has four things inside its shell.

  1. It has the software which gives in detail directions on how to build a fig tree and its fruit.
  2. It has the mechanism to read the software.
  3. It has the mechanism to physically achieve and build what the software direct it to do.
  4. It contains sufficient energy, like a miniature battery, to start the process.

Heat and moisture contacting the seed starts the process. The mechanism reads the software that tells it to build roots to bring up some building material. After this it is directed to build a small sprout, and since the small energy it had is almost depleted, it directed the mechanism on how to build leaves out of the sprout which it does. The leaves then replenish the energy from the sun and also take in carbon dioxide. The mechanism then reads and follows the direction on how to break down the carbon dioxide, releasing the oxygen and taking in the carbon as a more substantial building material.  The process then continues following the direction of the software building the trunk, branches, and more leaves. It is also directed to build bark around the trunk to protect it from disease and worms. The process continues until it produces fruit which has seeds with new software to reproduce itself. This is only one of a millions more thing we just take for granted. The way everything on earth is organized is also fantastic. We cannot see God or touch God but there is plenty of evidence that he exists. We can also see that He is a fantastic Engineer. To learn more about me and my writing please visit my new web site

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